Marvel Avengers Infinity War 12" Small Roller Backpack with Lunch Bag 2pc Set

Brand: Avengers - Marvel Heroes
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Marvel Avengers Infinity War 12" Small Toddler School Roller Backpack Rolling Bag with Lunch Bag Set *Roller Bag - Adjustable Straps for a Personalized Fit, Padded Shoulder Strap make it comfortable to wear - 2 Main Compartments, Zip Closure - Easy maneuver with an extensible handle - Roller Bag Size :10 in(W) X 12 in(H) X 4 in(D) * Lunch Bag - 1 Main Compartments, Zip Closure , adjustable shoulder strap - Insulated - Size:9.5in(W) X 7.5 in(H) X 3.5 in(D)

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